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Aug 29, 2004
Outside of RSN HDs and Local HDs, all of the National HD stations are mirrored right now between the two orbital locations (well, outside of backhauls that people in the PUB have made mention to in the past like WFN and such, but that has no affect on subs for the time being)...


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Jun 13, 2006

Unfortunately, The List for 61.5's spot beams is not correct. For example, Austin's HD Locals (e.g. KXAN HD, KEYE HD, etc.) are up-linked and available on 61.5 but they are not included in The List.

FWIW Dish started using duplicate channel numbers on different spot beams. digiblur's automation process for the uplink report and The List depends on underlying hardware/software that does not handle these duplicate channel numbers correctly.

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