61.5 Sat with Dish 500 Dish with Twin/Dual LNBFs?


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Nov 13, 2003
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Sorry if this is a newbie question - I've done some searches and haven't found a definitive answer...

I currently had a D500 with a Legacy Quad driving 3 receivers (2 301's and 1 508). One output from the D500 Quad is unused.

I am planning to add an 811 Receiver very soon for HDTV and plan to add a dish to 61.5 for HD HBO and Showtime. My locals are all on the D500 at 110, so I can't get a 'free' 300 installed from Dish.

So, I need to buy a dish + LNBF + switch for the 61.5 sat. Checking ebay, I find that I can get a D500 with either Twin or Dual LNBFs for around $50 shipped. I'd prefer to get a D500 if I can because sometime down the line I may want to go with Bell ExpressVu for network HD (my local affiliates are hopeless). Besides, the D300s I saw are actually more expensive than the D500s...

My question - can I use the D500 with the included LNBFs (two of them) to receive 61.5? I could just aim one of the LNBFs to 61.5 and leave the other LNBF completely unused? Then take an SW21 and combine one output from my existing D500 quad to the output of the 61.5 LNBF for my 811?

Thanks! (sorry that was pretty long winded).
why don't you get a DISH300 instead(only one lnb) and first check if you have any locals on 61.5. I do(2 or 3 PBS's) and DISH is coming out Thursday to put up DISH300 and switch for free.

check this link ----> http://ekb.dbstalk.com/dishlist.htm

Yes a D500 works just like a regular dish, just make sure you set the skew to 90 (default). I used a D500 for the 61.5 sat before. If it comes with 2 lnbs, just install one. I'm not sure how a twin would work, i suppose it would say only one input detected.

Wire it up like so

Quad -> Port1 [sw21] Port2 <--- 61.5 lnb
output to ird

Sorry i cant figure out how to shift over that arrow, its supposed to go from [sw21] to ird :)
Thanks HokieEngineer - sounds good. I'll pick up a D500 with the two Dual LNBFs and just leave one off for now. I'll try to avoid getting a Twin if I can because I'm not sure how the receiver would behave with only one LNBF active at 61.5 on a Twin.


(BTW - has anyone else noticed those darn snowflakes on satelliteguys.us slowing their computer down horribly? It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but while here my CPU stays >90% utilized...)
TWIN has a switch built in. Don't confuse with Dual. Dual with one out works fine if you combine (through SW21 to a TWIN or Quad) or into a SW64.

I have a Dual with one out going to Dish & one going to Voom and works fine.