921 Coming When??? and How Much???


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Oct 19, 2003
Hello all.
Long time Dish network customer looking for info on when the 921 will be out for us to get and how much will it cost. Also how will it work with my existing 501 & 508 & 5000
Coming sometime between Nov. 15th and, well.... sometime after Nov. 15th.

It will retail for $999. Don't expect to find it much (if any) lower than that, as dealer cost has been rumored at $950 or so.

As for interaction with your other receivers, it won't really matter much - but you'll now need 5 outputs if you're keeping the other three receivers online (I'm assuming you have an SW44 or SW64 now to feed your three receivers?)

If you're interested in HD (and why wouldn't you be if you're looking to buy a 921), then you're going to want the SuperDish to get the HD channels on 105°. This will require a DP34 switch (included with the SuperDish). Your 5000 will need a legacy adapter to work with the DP34 switch, and you're going to need two DP34 switches (cascaded together) to feed all 5 tuners.

Can you ditch your 5000? If so, you can have your 501, 508, and 921, all being fed from the SuperDish and SW34 switch.

The 921 sounds very pricey. How will the "Superdish" be installed. I have my existing on the lower roof. CAn I put the new one in the same place?

MArk :!:
The satelliteguysstore is expected to sell the 921 for eaither $989 plus shipping or $999 with free ground shipping.

The retalier economics for the 921 have not been released yet (as far as I know)
Regarding installation of the 921 and superdish-
I plan to keep my current system as is which is a 5000 and a 6000 connected to the SW64. Since the Superdish requires dealer installation, I plan to just have them come out and install it considering that it is a totally separate system. Then as I find the 921 works for most of my needs I will drop the 5000 and 6000 from my account. I have absolutely no use for a second dish system as I only watch in one location so with 3 tuners built into the 921, I can't see a need for a 5000 or 6000 once the 921/superdish proves itself. I do plan to keep the 5000 for DVHS recording as long as necessary.

Is there anything I may have forgotten about with this plan?

PS- Scott- Thanks much for reparing my botched registration so I can now log on. :)
No problem Don, great to have you here.

I am planning on doing the same thing Don, only 2 of my receivers are Dishpro compatable, so I will install the SuperDish as a seperate install as well.

Now only if I could find out what size pipe I need so I can put it in the group before the ground freezes.
Don Landis said:
Is there anything I may have forgotten about with this plan?

Hi Don. Nice to see you here.

The only thing to consider with your plan is if you get the free Superdish deal, there is some question as to whether or not the installer will want your Dish 500. I don't know if this has been determined with certainly one way or the other.
The deal I heard is the superdish and the 921 was $1199, so why would I need to supply the installer with my dish 500? I could understand if that was a trade in deal but it wasn't advertised as such.

What I planned to do was to buy that deal and then go for the AEP that gets me the no DVR monthly charge and just add the HDTV package, which one rumor said that I could get the superdish free if I pay a year in advance. None of these offers said anything about giving a dish500 as part of the deal. Where would a new subscriber get a dish500 anyway?
Scott- try a 2" IPS size. If the dish tube is 2" OD it should slip inside. If the dish tube is 2 3/8" the threaded coupling may also work. Just have the IPS pipe threaded.
Are you in Alaska? I don't think your ground will freeze in Mass. until end of December at the earliest.

Your approach is a very conservative one but it will cost you an additional $200. Plus you'll have to deal with the removal of the un-needed dishes in the future.

I have a similar setup with 2 dishes going into a sw64 and then 2 cables going to a 501 and 6000 at the TV. I plan to wait on the SuperDish and get the 921 for $999. It will work with the sw64.

Then when the 921 proves itself, I'll sell the other two receivers and order the free SuperDish upgrade, and if they want my old dishes they can have them.
After reading about delays in the SuperDish and 921 I decided to take advantage of the 6000 deal. For what it's worth the CSR I talked to told me the 921 would be available in the first part of 2004.

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