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OK, First of all, sorry to be asking this! I know there have been multiples of multiple threads and posts about this. I have seen on these threads, from what I understand, that you CAN record two _HD_ programs at once on the satellite feeds meaning you can record HD from both tuner 1 and tuner 2. DishNetwork CSRs, CSRs who ask their supervisors, and even a guy from the executive office (after _many_ calls inquiring about this subject) say tuner 2 will only have SD and that you can't record HD on tuner 2. Only one HD and one SD program at the same time. I am not concerned about the antenna input as I can't receive any but I understand you can record HD on that. While I would tend to believe people on these forums over Dishnetwork employees, they are very insistant that you can't record two HD programs at once from the satellite feeds. I am not sure why I am so worried about this subject because I would probably record mostly in SD anyway because of the space limitations for HD. But, if all the people at Dishnetwork are misinformed on this subject something needs to be done about it.

If you record 2 programs from HD channels (that say they are being broadcast in HD) at the same time is there some way of knowing that they were both actually recorded in HD onto the hard drive. That one, from tuner 2, even though it says HD _was_ recorded in HD and not recorded in SD?

A second question concerning the 622. Can I hook up a 622 to my SD tv (until I can afford to get the 32" HD lcd tv I want) and get all programs including downrezzed HD channels on both tuner 1 and tuner 2? I believe I can use S-video or component connections. I think, from what I have read on these forums, that S-video is usually better than even component for SD programming. Is this correct?

Thanks for any replies! And again, sorry for asking this. But Dishnetwork people are so positive about this even though I tell them people on the satellite forums disagree.
Another case of confusing tuners with outputs. Yes you can record two HD programs at the same time, one on tv1 and the other on tv2 (three if you hook up an OTA). Outputs include HDMI, components, s-video, composites (rca) and rf (coax) for tv1 and composites and rf (same output, channels assigned for tv1 and tv2). S-video is better than composite, component is HD.
Yes. I have a ViP622 (& other units). The confusion is indeed mixing up input tuners and TV outputs.

You can record two satellite signals, SD or HD, on the ViP622. You can also record one OTA digital signal (SD or HD) at the same time. That's 3 signals, in any combination of SD or HD. The only thing you can't do is receive analog NTSC OTA.

NOW, the outputs are different. TV1 out can be HD or SD. TV2 will output only SD- but if you feed it an HD program, it will downconvert it to SD so you can still watch it. You can hook up an SD TV to TV1 and it will work fine, just won't show full HD quality. The SD outputs in the TV1 output group all automatically downconvert, so you can get a ViP622 HD DVR now, and the HDTV later.

So, while you're recording those 3 signals, you can also watch a previously recorded program. And if you're set up in dual mode, you can record 3 signals and watch 2 different pre-recorded programs on 2 TVs.

It's a GREAT unit!
Thanks for the replies.

Good to know I can use the 622 with my SD tv for now. I will soon be getting one for use in single mode on my SD tv until I can get an HDTV.

We do already have one 622 hooked up to a 20" HDTV but it is in my sister's room. I do watch it occasionally but have not done any recording on it.

I find that I do a lot of informing of how things work to dishnetwork CSRs after reading these forums.
It still absolutely amazes me that the Dish CSR's are so clueless about this. We get this issue posted a lot, and it is ALWAYS because the CSR's have sworn up and down that there is no way to record more than one HD signal at a time. I totally understand that the question keeps coming up, since one tends to believe the representatives of the company over a message board.

When will Dish finally wake up and train their CSR's properly? This is a big selling point, and I hope they haven't lost sales because people are told they can't do what they might be able to do on other receivers.
I have been recording HD off Tuner 2 since day one of my 622. IT has two HD tuners; but OUTPUT to TV2 is limited to SD. Does seem kind of silly doesn't it, but it enables you to feed coax to the rest of a house off of the same receiver.

I will admit when I have Tuner 1 recording HD, Tuner 2 recording HD, and OTA recording HD at the same time, I sometimes wonder how on earth the hard drive keeps up; particularly if I am WATCHING a recorded event AT THE SAME time. Pretty impressive technology.
"I find that I do a lot of informing of how things work to dishnetwork CSRs after reading these forums."

Yep. You're one of us now.

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