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Jan 19, 2006
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Well, I finally got my 622 today. My official install date is next Tuesday. I already have a dish 500 pointed at 110/119 and another pointed at 61.5, which should work, and it does on tuner 1, but tuner 2 only see 110 and 61.5. I'm using the duplexer to split the one cable to both sat inputs. The 500 is using a quad and the other has a dual, all running to two 2 to 1 switches. If sat 1 can receive everything, why can't sat two? It all from the same drop.


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Sep 4, 2005
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Instead of duplexor do you mean the seperator that came with the 622 ? What are the switches the sat's are connected to ?
You can only use the DPP Seperator with a DPP 44 switch or DPP Lnb's but you said the cables came through a switch.

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