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Dec 10, 2004
Is anyone having an issue with the HDMI output of the 622 sync'ing with their TV? I have a situation where the TV will not sync with the 622 when the TV is first turned on unless you pull the HDMI cable and re-insert (which causes a resync I believe). Cycling the 622 on/off doesn't make any difference. I believe (and I still need to test) that doing a soft/hard reset of the 622 with the TV on does get sync to work.

The TV works OK with other HDMI devices which makes me think it is the 622. Since the 622 is really always on (screen saver even when off), perhaps it is not initiating a HDMI handshake when it is turned on or something...

Anyone else seeing this?




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Mar 16, 2005
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Can you get the 'resync' if you turn off the TV and then turn it back on?

When I first got my 942 I had the same issue. I had to change the HDTV setup on the 942 (or reset the 942) to get the 'resync' to occur. Once synced, if I turned off the TV and turned it back on I would loose sync again. I worked with Dish Engineering on this and they identified a compatibility problem with my TV (Panasonic Plasma) that was fixed with a 942 software update last October.
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Feb 9, 2006
Happens to me too, but it's an easy fix.

If I turn on the 622 first, it usually doesn't happen.

If it does, I cycle to another input (component) on the TV and back.

Syncs ok then.


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Nov 3, 2003
We are seeing a "sync" issue when using HDMI video from both 622 and 211 receivers. So far, we have confirmed it on our clients with JVC H-DILA TV's only.

When you change a channel, the TV temporarily loses video and then when it is re-acquired, it appears to strech the video picture between two screen sizes before locking in properly.

So, channel surfing is very annoying with the TV picture stretching on each channel change.

On occasion, the TV will be stuck in the stretching process and never lock in. Had to unplug the TV to fix it. I believe changing inputs may also fix it.

Workaround is to use component video for HD. It yields a very solid picture.

Same TV's on an 811 receiver with a DVI to HDMI cable are solid.

Is this what you are seeing?


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Jan 29, 2004
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I have had this same problem with my 942. I am awaiting the arriving of my new 622. My TV is an HP 5880. According to AVS Forum on this TV, this is a continuing problem with everyone owning the Dish receiver and the HP DLP TV. Both HP and Dish are saying that they are working on it. Dish tells me that the "easy" fix is to just use the component cables vice the HDMI. To tell you the truth, I couldn't see a difference in quality either way.

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