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Sep 7, 2003
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Has anyone connected to a second TV using the " Ch 21-69 Out" connection to a cable ready remote TV (described on page 101 of the manual)? I tried connecting this output from the 622 with a RG6 cable to a second television in the bedroom. It also has Cablevision on it. When Cablevision was installed on our house about twenty years ago one lead from the pole was divided to three with a splitter on the outside of the house. One goes to the television in the bedroom that is also connected to a 921.

I have a feeling this output was not meant to be used this way because I can't get a signal to the second television. The 922 on the second television doesn't get all of the current channels. I only have component inputs on both HD televisions and have used the TV2 output to go to a DVD recorder. The component video goes to the HD television in the living room where the 622 is located.

I am able to get the 921 to output SD through coax to the television in the living room. But can't accomplish the same with the 622. Does the "Ch 21-69 Out" pass on HD, SD or anamorphic?
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