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Oct 6, 2003
Shepherdsville, Ky
Just got the 625. I use tv2 to feed the tvs in my home. When I record, I want tv1 to be my default tuner. I have enabled record plus & set tv1 there. What happens if I want to record 2 programs at the same time? Do I have to choose the programs with different remotes or will I have to manually set the timer & tell it to record on tv2? I have the receiver in dual mode.


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Jan 10, 2006
Philly 'Burbs, PA
Unfortunately you have to use 2 remotes. I wish the 625 would just give you the option when setting up timers for which TV you want to record to. If you want to do it from one television you have to switch the default TV, and then switch it back.

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