721 - 10 second Skip-back Problem (1 Viewer)

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Nov 30, 2003
Has anyone else had problems with the commercial skip buttons on the 721. On a few instances lately, I have noticed that when using the 30 second commercial skip-ahead button, the 10 second skip-back button doesn't work. Sometimes it does nothing. Other times it skips back once or twice, but won't go past a certain point in the recording. Howerver, fast reversing will go past this point. A reboot would clear up the problem temporarily.

My dad just complained about the same problem with his 721 tonight. He also just lost all recordings with the last software update - so much for not changing anything.
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Big Bob

SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 4, 2003
I am having this problem now.
It is not consistent. But when it does happen, you can not skip back through a specific section of a show. At these moments, it seems that the skip forward does not skip 30 seconds either.
At first I thought that the problem was only with older shows that I had recorded, but now I think it is happening with all of the recordings
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New Member
Dec 5, 2003
I have seen this problem twice now on the new version of code. Prior to this version of code, I never had this problem.



Well-Known SatelliteGuys Member
Sep 8, 2003
Me too.
Within the last few days I've noticed the 10 sec. back button does not always work. Update bug?

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