721 acting up after "upgrade"


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Sep 8, 2003
Eastern Connecticut
My 721 guide was showing mostly NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE on almost everything that was not current. I turned it off for about a minute, then turned it back on.

When I turned it back on, a screen appeared telling me not to turn off the unit, as it was downloading a new software upgrade. So, I watched and waited. It went through all of the connecting and downloading steps.

It finally said that the download was complete and it was intstalling the software. I waited and waited and finally said the hell with it and went to bed.

This morning, I STILL have the following message on the screen:

Download Installation Succeeded
Please wait while the system is upgraded

Should I pull the smart card and reboot?? Anyone else have this problem?

JonUrban said:
Reboot (pulled smart card) worked. All is well.
Same thing happened to mine the night the latest software rev was first spooled. I waited an hour before going to bed and seeing the same message you saw the next morning. I don't think its initialization phase finalized. Just hangs until you reboot it.

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