DISH Launches New Interactive TV Programs

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DISH Network Launches New Interactive TV Programs: Buzztime's Trivia, Fantasy Cup Auto Racing

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 12, 2004--
DISH Network Leads Pay TV Industry by Delivering Interactive Television to 8 Million TV Households

EchoStar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: DISH) announced today that its DISH Network satellite television service launched two new interactive TV channels, Trivia offered by Buzztime, and Fantasy Cup Auto Racing offered by Silverstar Holdings.
DISH Network delivers 22 channels of interactive TV programming to more than 8 million households, elevating DISH Network to the position of the leading worldwide distributor of interactive TV services.

DISH Home, located on channel 100, is DISH Network's interactive TV menu and is the gateway to an entire suite of interactive TV programs, including Customer Support, Weather, Games, Sports and Entertainment. DISH Network customers receive interactive TV programs as an added benefit to their programming packages. With DISH Home, customers can pay their bill online, check out their local weather and sports scores, or play DISH Network's newest interactive games like Fantasy Cup Auto Racing or Trivia.

"DISH Network continues its leadership role in interactive television by launching new programs that engage the entire family, like Trivia and Fantasy Cup Auto Racing," said Michael Schwimmer, senior vice president of Programming for EchoStar. "By delivering a robust suite of interactive TV channels to 8 million DISH Network customers, DISH Network firmly establishes itself as the largest U.S. provider of ITV channels and the world leader in the number of ITV-enabled homes."

All interactive TV channels are powered by OpenTV, Inc. (Nasdaq-NMS: OPTV), one of the world's leading interactive TV middleware companies that provides software, content and programs for delivering and managing interactive TV services. DISH Network offers 22 popular interactive TV programs, including:

-- Weather -- DISH Instant weather, offered by AccuWeather(R), provides current conditions and a five-day weather forecast for nearly 1,400 U.S. cities, national parks and destination locations.

-- Customer Service -- Customer Support allows DISH Network customers to view their statements, pay their bill, add programming and get answers to frequently asked questions -- all while saving a phone call.

-- Trivia -- Trivia fans of all ages and interests can practice their skills with a wide selection of questions in six categories, including Movies & TV, Music, Sports, History and a special section just for kids. Buzztime's Trivia is available for $3.99 per month.

-- Fantasy Cup Auto Racing -- Offered by Silverstar Holdings, Fantasy Cup Auto Racing joins DISH Network's lineup of fantasy sports programs. Auto racing fans can compete in monthly contests by picking eight drivers in four categories whose results match the actual NASCAR Nextel Cup points earned by each of the drivers for the races during the month. Weekly and full season prizes will be awarded to winners. Fantasy Cup Auto Racing is available for $4.99 per month.

In addition to these programs, DISH Home offers the following: games from Playin'TV, KidsWise and Play Jam; entertainment information from Zap2it, Showtime and TV Mag; and daily horoscopes, news by Reuters and business news by Bloomberg, sports information, and Fantasy Baseball and Football.

DISH Network customers with the following OpenTV-enabled receivers can use their remote controls to visit DISH Home to access interactive TV programs: Model 3900, Model 4900, DISH 111, DISH 301, DISH 311, DISH 322, DISH 501, DISH 508, DISH Player-DVR 510, DISH Player-DVR 522.

About EchoStar Communications Corporation

EchoStar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: DISH) serves more than 9.4 million satellite TV customers through its DISH Network(TM) and is the fastest-growing U.S. provider of advanced digital television services. DISH Network's services include hundreds of video and audio channels, Interactive TV, HDTV, sports and international programming, together with professional installation and 24-hour customer service. DISH Network is the leader in the sale of digital video recorders (DVRs). Visit EchoStar's DISH Network at or call 800-333-DISH (3474).
Echostar apparantly hasn't told my 522 about this!. :D

things 522 customers pay for but aren't getting

Here is a complete list of things that 522 customers(i.e. beta testers :D ) are paying for that don't work.

Remote control menus

1. Main menu/customer support(ironic isn't it)
2. Main menu/system setup/shared view We hope Dish eventually releases shared view PIP function don't we?

Open TV-Dish Home.

All functions for Dish Home work with 301 receivers.

Things that work
1.News and Weather/Reuters
2.New and Weather/Horoscope
3.Entertainment/TV magazine
4.Sports/My Scores

Things that are inactive.
1.Dish home/customer support/paybill
2.Dish home/customer support/FAQs all kind of ironic huh!
3.Dish Home/customer support add programming
4."/News and Weather/instant weather
5."/News and Weather/Bloomberg
12."/Sports/college hoops
13."/pay per view

So--70% of Dish Home(open TV) on a 522 doesn't work.

Maybe with the next software upgrade they can make more things not work.
aperry said:
At least you have part of it... My poor 721 still does not have any of it.

Amen! My 721 is waiting for its share of the programming goodies too...
Martimus said:
Amen! My 721 is waiting for its share of the programming goodies too...
Its pretty frustrating seeing the 721 left in the dust when it comes to fixes and new software additions. Seems to be getting the red headed stepchild treatment of all the receivers out there right now.

721 acting up after "upgrade"

Dish 322 phone connection problem.

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