Dish 322 phone connection problem.


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Mar 28, 2004
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Has anyone had any problems with the phone connection to the 322. I am having problems with mine, if I go to diag and check connection it says no dial tone then I can chack it again and it checks ok. But evertime I try to order a pay-per-view it checks for a phone connection and I guess it doesn't see one because it just will stay on the checking connection screen.

Is this common or is it just my unit?????
I can't comment for more than the one 322 I have.

I bought mine off eBay, and do have it authorized with the blessing of E*. :D (I'm not of DHA or DHP anymore).

When it was first installed, (by me), it seemed to also display the same problem you describe (I checked it out thouroughly as it was an Ebay unit!), with the dial-up connection seeming flaky.

To add insult to injury :mad: the unit would not "take" the subscribed channels properly (2nd tier support gave up!), and Dish sent me a new one. :)

I guess the unit was "flaky" from the get-go, hence the Ebay listing.

However, all is fine and dandy now.

It could be your unit has a problem. Call Dish and have Tech support walk you through a script (be patient! they are just doing their job). If they can't figure it out, then you'll go to 2nd tier, and they seem to "fix" things with new hardware.

If you're DHA or DHP signed up, then definitely call them!

Hope that helps.
But I'm not a DHA/DHP, I bought mine from ebay (suppose to be new and unused) and its been doing it from day 1. I had to have activate it for me, so do you think they would help with the problem(tech support)???
Hell yes!

If they've added it to your account, then make sure it's working right, or else you'll see the $4.99 charge per month as it's "not connected".

The units come with a one year warranty (which the 322 is well within!).

Call Dish and have them "support" it.

Best of luck.
Well I figured it out. It wasn't the receiver giving me the problems. I have DSL and I forgot to put a filter inline with the receiver so it was getting interference from the DSL modem and not seeing the dial tone. So after I installed the filter everything has worked so far. I never had a problem with my 301 not having a filter hooked up but from what I heard is thet the 322 it alot more sensitive.

Thanks for your input sirlurkalot.

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