721 Front Inputs (Channel 0)


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Sep 21, 2003
My grandson was over this weekend and brought his Xbox with him. I hooked it up to the front inputs of our 721. The video was all grainy and in black and white. I actually thought his Xbox was broken and was thinking of taking it apart to check it out.

On a hunch, I hooked it up to front inputs on our VCR and all the problems disappeared!

Are the front inputs for sh*t on the 721? Or are they a casualty of the latest software upgrade?
You need to turn the XBOX on first then change to channel 0.

The 721 sets video level of whats on when the 721 is turned to 0. If there is no signal on channel 0 then the 721 gets overpowered when it is fed a signal.

A simple channel up and down would have corrected the error. :)
Boomerang, When my TV was out for service for 2 weeks, I was forced to use the 721's front inputs. I had a similar experience. I found I had to turn the 721 off then back on when the picture on the front inputs was horrible. For some reason this fixed the picture till the next time. I certainly wouldn't want to rely on them for any long period of time.
I've been running my DVD player through the front inputs for months without problems. Like Scott said, you need to turn the DVD player (or XBox) on before tuning to channel 0, or channel up and down if you didn't.

Yeah I use my VCR fed with my stand alone Tivo with Directv and XM radio through the aux inputs and I get upconverted PCM sound and the picture is fed through the s-video cables to my tv through the 721.
Have had good results using 721 inputs...also found out that I could play a dvd (using 721 inputs) while recording on 2 channels.. cool!!!!
Wish that would work for me... I guess it would, but since I have a RPTV with Progressive inputs, I use those.

Good to know that I could use it for other input types though...
I would put another satellite receiver through the 721 Front Inputs and when I would first tune it to channel 0 it would work fine but if I would go back to that channel again the audio would sound distorted.
You can't swap pips back and forth with the aux inputs. It will always sound Tinny and scratchy. If you get this go back to the guide and change channels to a sat channel and then back to 0 and it will go away.
What kind of sat receiver are you using with the 721 and is it set for pcm only? Since you will be upconverting the sound to pcm through the aux inputs of the 721 , the other sat receiver should be set for pcm only. I did this with Directv sat receiver through my Tivo and vcr and it sounds fine through my 721 aux inputs. When I first did this I tried to watch a Directv pay per view that was Dolby Digital and it blew out my 721 ability to do Dolby digital sound. I called Dish techs and they said to unplug the rca audio video cables and replug them and dolby digital ability came back to my 721.
It is a 301 receiver. So I should change the sound to PCM on the 301 then in this case to prevent this from happening? It does not do this the initial time I turn it to channel 0 to view what is on the 301.
Try it and also try unplugging the rca jacks and replugging them to see if that helps also. Good luck.

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