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Sep 7, 2003
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Is this a new feature with the last upgrade? After selecting a PVR event, I was taken to a second screen with two mini-events. You can select either one and it will start at that point. In this screen shot, it would start at the start if you selected the first part or in the middle if you selected the second one...
I have seen this screen myself for a good while now. It is the closest thing to having a feature that people have been requesting in which is programming arranged in folders, only this way it is done per timer showing the shows that were on during that time.

I find it show up a lot when it comes to show timers firing one minute early and three minutes late showing the event that was on before, during, and after the selected timer, for a total of three.
It happens when you hand program a timer to span more than one show rather than scheduling one from the guide and adjusting the times
I have gone through and modified all of my timers that span multiple events to be manual timers for this specific reason.

My wife hates Scrubs, so I can watch it at my leisure and jump past it for her.

I know I could zip past it at 300X, but it is more fun to select from that list. On Thursday nights, there are 5 events I record (from Friends to ER), and because of the 1 minute before and 3 minutes after that I use by default, I actually have 7 items listed...

I still think it is a really nice feature, and works great!
To bad this "Folders" option isn't built in to the regular timers when you make a timer from the guide. This would be really cool. I think I will create all my 2 hour recording blocks into manual timers to just to get this option.
Sounds like I have the exact same timer for Friday nights.
and skip past the same show too.... :)

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