721 problem?


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Sep 8, 2003
Cedar Springs, MI
I keep getting the following error which can be seen in this pic. But now it works but then it gives me this screen again. If I switch to input 2 it works. It is snowing here but I dont think its that.


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John here is the truly bizaare thing. It is only channels 131, 143, 174, 189, 205, 213, 214, 215, 226 that are affected. I looked on Lyngsat and noticed they are All on 119 TP6! On sat input 2 they all work. But sat input 1 works on all channels but them!
Here is a new picture. Now when I do a check switch iit finds the SW64 on input one but not 2!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!


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Hey, Sparker...

Allow me to break up this thread that evidently you're conducting all by yourself!!! Anyway, when this happened to me, I had an LNBF go bad, and it was easily fixed by a Dish repairman. You probably don't need a new box, just a new dual LNBF.
Try redoing the switch setup, woeked for me when I had similar problems


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