721 Timers after setting the clock back one hour


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How did you 721 do?

Mine did terrible for today's events. I had to delete them and record the events again. For weekly events, it did fine.
Mine are all set in the right time zones and should fire like always.

I have had dvrs since 99 when the first dishplayer came out, and the only receiver I have ever had trouble with on day lights savings time was that one.

The other dvrs automatically change time back to the regular time without messing with the timers. Now if you try to fix the timers based on what the guide said before Sunday then yes the timers will be messed up . Remember this is time based timers, not name based. If you will leave your timers alone and not try to set any timers for the week before the time change, they will automatically go to the right time when Sunday morning starts.

This is mildly irritating if you like to set timers to record movies on the premium channels the week before the time change, but I have adapted. The guide is always off before the time change on Sunday morning, so just leave your old timers alone and don't set any new ones till the time change. The guide will reset itself by that morning to the right time.
I am sooooo pissed off at DISH, these dumb jerks would not know how to change the clocks at home let alone have the 721 work the way it should. My721 recorded the Vikings game, but it started at 1:00 central rather than the 12 noon I had it set for yesterday. Two weeks ago I had to get a replacement 721 when my unit lost all 70 hours of recorded programming and had trouble recording. Now this POS keeps rebooting every night between back to back timers and then I get this crap today. I sure feel sorry for those of you getting the new HDTV 900 series units if they too have the same software.
The 921's will have similar software to what the 721 currently has. This is good that the 721's would be supported more in the future.

So is this timer bug only happening for timers, for one-time timers, daily timers, or something else? I have a lot of timers set up once a week or Monday through Friday of each week.
I didn't have a problem at all. You just have to make sure you don't set timers before the time change for shows airing after the time change because the guide his the wrong times.

Do you mean two or three hours before the time change (within the time change) around 12-3 am? Everyone's timers have been more than likely set before the time change.
Timers set before the time change using the guide before the time change are fine. It's only when you set timers before the time change using the guilde after the time change that it's a problem because the times in the guide are incorrect. Now that the change has passed, the guide is once again correct.

I absolutely agree with Dennis. ever since the early DP days, my family learned to watch the guide about a week before the time change. Once we see the shows temporarly adjusted an hour to the right (later), we stop setting timers. Old ones adjust correctly back to their true air times, while timers set via the temporary, adjusted guide almost always fail. Once you get the first new guide AFTER the time shift, it is safe to set timers again.

This is a time tested observation! I usually set one 1 "test" event to see if this still holds true and it did again. This time, since I have 2 tuners, on Fri night I set up a recording for a Sun morning Nick show and SciFi show. One was set for the time slot and one was set for the show in its adjusted time. The correct time slot did not fire and the "by name" adjusted slot recorded the wrong show. Of course, to be fair, I may have scheduled the two tests too far apart and the new guide may have been inserted before the second event fired. I didn't think of that at the time. I'll try again in the spring. So far the test results, 5 yrs of PVRs and all failures. fortunately, the only time I didn't get a show we wanted was the first year with the DP. Of course with that POS, it could have actually been any number of reasons for the failure.
This just goes to show that these clowns will never learn. You would think Charlie would have gotton rid of them years ago. When I met these so called engineers at the first TEAM SUMIT it looked like they had no clue, and this just proves it. One year of beta testing and they still screw it up.
This afternoon I was going to look at a program that was set to record last night (Sunday). I only had one timer (a weekly timer) set up but instead of seeing one recorded program I had four in the list that were recorded last night. I looked at the timers to try to find out why they fired last night. All three of the timers were for weekly programs that were on several different nights of the week. All of the timers were changed from the night that they were suppose to be recorded to Sunday. All of these timers have been set up for months. I'm guessing that this happened when the time changed because the 721 recorded them correctly last week.
You didn't happen to go in and look at the other 3 timers sometime on Sun did you? That sounds like the timer edit bug I described in another thread.

No I didn't look at them until today. I'll check out the other thread.

Is it just me or does the 721 seem to becoming more like the DishPlayers were about two years ago? It seems like when they fix some bugs in the 721 software, new ones pop up.
I had the same thought and that is EXACTLY what I told the advanced tech rep when I was talking with him on Sun.

The edit timer bug is discussed on page 4 of the 721 bug thread.
I had only 1 timer fire Sunday. But it recorded for 1313 minutes! Then it started over... (I was out of town or I'd have stopped it sooner)

Some update. Dish, can I have my software from two versions ago - Please?
Standard time timers misfired

This is ridiculous!!! I had two timers misfire an hour late; "K Street" on HBO-E that's on a weekly timer, and "Born Rich", again on 300-E that was set up on Friday a.m. What could be so freakin' hard about this? I rebooted last night, set a new timer off the guide to re-record "Born Rich", and it fired correctly.
I set the Giants timer Saturday afternoon, it came up in the guide as 2pm est, really a 1pm est game. Next day I went to see if if it kicked it back to 1pm, and of course not, so I deleted the first timer and created anither from the now correct guide..
All I know is that Fox's new show Skin looked alot like the news! My cheap radio/alarm clock can get the Daylight savings right, why the H@ll can't a $500 box do it?

Somebody please stop signing these peoples paychecks!
Allamand said:
All I know is that Fox's new show Skin looked alot like the news! My cheap radio/alarm clock can get the Daylight savings right, why the H@ll can't a $500 box do it?

Somebody please stop signing these peoples paychecks!

It has nothing to do with the box, it's the program guide that can't handle it.


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