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any word yet on when Superdish will be released? Ive been waiting for it so I can make use of my new HDTV....
When the first set of locals are released that will require the SuperDish (last I heard the second week of November).
We are susposed to get locals Nov 13th. My local dealer said he expects Superdishes to arrive any day now. He does not know which dish he will be getting (2" pole or 2 3/8" pole mount). He says that I can just call him for the free Superdish. I also want a 811 and a 311, so I do not have to purchase legacy adapters(if Dish does not furnish them). He also does not know if the pole is included. Too many questions, no answers.
I am hearing at the release there will be more type 1 Dish's (requiring a 2 inch pole) then Type 2.

Dish will NOT be providing the DishPro adapters.
Jerry so We need a Superdish for our locals ? Is dish going to be able to work something out with Fox ?
If Dish cannot get retrans agreements with one of the networks in a city they will either put the other ones up but that one or put up another city where all retrans agreements have been made.

Retailers and installers WILL NEED to know what type of dishes are coming so that they can get the supplies needed in advance so that the SuperDishes will be ready to be installed once they arrive. If this information is unknown before they arrive then it wlil cause a delay in getting them installed, because you would not know from shipment to shipment what you would need (unless you order a bunch of poles you dont need in which would more likely cause an increase in cost for the install in which may be passed along to the customer), or if the retailer got all 2 3/8" poles planning on buying or making their own adapters. What a mess!
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