722 DVR freezing


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Feb 3, 2010
The last few weeks we have been getting frequent freezing when playing TV shows back on the DVR. It is only in the playback mode. Basically almost unwatchable now.

2 questions: I am leasing and currently do not have the home protection plan--Do I need the plan in order to have Dish help me out for no cost?

I'll add this is the 3rd DVR since I signed up in November of 2008. The first one worked for a few months, the second one (replacement) never worked, the current one is only 6 months old. I did not renew my home protection plan because I heard such good things about the units that I figured this one would last the rest of my contract. How unlucky can someone be?

So my second question, Are these units really that buggy---is it normal to average only 5 months use per unit? Every problem has been different, they are not stored in an enclosed space. I cannot believe the troubles I have had in a little over a year.

Thanks for the help.


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