722 Fuzzy picture with new tv on TV2 (1 Viewer)

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Apr 11, 2010
I just switched from an old standard def tv to and LCD tv for my second tv. When I hooked up the Coax the picture is extremely fuzzy. TV1 still has a perfectly clear picture obviously. I've gone through attempting different channels with the modulator setup with no luck. I appreciate the help in advance. Thank you!
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Tv2 is set up for sd tv's. Using the coax to connect to another HD TV has always been iffy as far as the quality of the picture you get. You need a better connection to the new tv, either composite for using different channel at same time as Tv1 or the unused HD connection (both tv's would be viewing the same program or recordings.


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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
Many HD set are not happy with the 480 lines of SD--it does not match that well with 720 nor 1080 nor some the odd ones like 768. Some sets show less problems. Are you using RF connection and have you checked the connectors and for kinks? Or are you using the TV2 composite outputs on 722-not-k, which would be a tad better if the 3 cables are not too long? Yes, a long TV1 HDMI or 5-cable component will do best but not be independent.
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Nov 29, 2008
An HD tv hooked up w/ co-ax on tv2 looks like crap! No way around it. Was the picture clear when you had the SD tv hooked up to it? Sometimes if you set the modulated channel to the lowest number (Air 21, Cable 73) it will help a fuzzy picture. Just make sure there aren't any local channels broadcasting within one channel number either side of the channel you choose. As others have said, you could always run composite, but that usually doesn't give the best pic on an HD tv either. Alternative would be to get a 211 in that location and use tv2 in a different room or set dual tuner to single mode and get picture in picture.
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