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May 5, 2008
So I just subscribed to Dish - 722, 612, 2 x 211's.

The problem I'm having is with the 722. It's connected via HDMI to my home theater setup. When they first powered it up, worked fine (for dish pointing) but as soon as the installer finished and the unit downloaded that update it does when you first install the system, the HDMI port stopped working. Was fine on HDMI until that initial software download from the satellite.

The installer tried 2 different 722's, as it's something he's not seen before - then called Dish. I guess there is an installer helpline or something. The CSR said that it was a known software issue with certain 722s, but I haven't seen anything on the forums about this.

Anyone else run into this software issue shutting down the HDMI port? The unit works fine via Component / Optical Audio. I verified it's not my HDMI ports, my XBox360 and BluRay player work fine via HDMI, so it's definately the 722.

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