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May 19, 2008
Hi All,

New to Dish so please excuse my ignorance on some of this. I currently get some of my locals of off 129, but I see that within the past week or so that they have also placed my locals on 61.5.

This is according to a link I found that lists all of the channels and what satellite they are on.

I only got Dish last month and they put a 1000 plus antenna on my house that looks at 110,118,119 and 129.

If they are moving my locals to 61.5 are they going to have to come out and install a new antenna and if so who pays for that? Any idea how soon this will happen?



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Dec 14, 2005
Most likely they will come and install a D300 for 61.5 and disconect 129 and run 61.5 into port 3 of the dp44. Your locals may stay on 129 until the switch over to eastern arc. It would help to know where you are located.

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