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I can't find this through search, any idea of any recievers will get channel logos like the 922 has?

I really like this, would be a big improvement.


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Oct 16, 2009
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What is going on my SD DirecTV receiver had channel logos
and that receiver was made in May of 2001?
Yeah, that's one thing DirecTV has always had. I think DirecTV has had channel logos ever since they launched in 1994... or they may have added channel logos later on.

Either way, I know that DirecTV and DISH Network are still fairly young providers and DISH is still growing so that is why you continue to see improvements in technology on their new receivers.
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Sep 7, 2003
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I dont see the update going to the 722k's unfortunately.

It does make the 922 really stand out though when you see the guide and menus. :)


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Nov 24, 2008
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I dont see the update going to the 722k's unfortunately.

It does make the 922 really stand out though when you see the guide and menus. :)
I don't think they should just port the guide software from the 922 over, mostly because I'm not a fan of the look and egregious waste of space (why is the top third of the guide wasted with a centered channel feed, Scott? Do you find that more effective somehow? Is it as snappy as the 722k running the current build?).

But why not incorporate some of the improvements into the existing guide? There seems to be plenty of room to add some channel logos. Also, the look of the guide is in serious need of a refresh. But they don't have to change the layout, necessitating a major software upgrade! Just replace some freaking png's or whatever they use, and bam we will have a guide that doesn't look so outdated. And if they want to be really awesome, give us some graphical options (call them themes or something)! And while this is certainly only a fools dream, why not let us custom design our interfaces, like on our computers?


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Apr 9, 2006
Channel logos take up memory, and my personal experience with Direc TV boxes that had channel logos was quite negative as they were constantly updating and lagging in display modes. I had channel logos with cable, but their implemention was also very poor: logos too small to see well, and I didn't like it. I have a TiVo and thier channel logos aren't so hot either because they don't display on either EPG's, only on channel banner and list of recordings, and I NEVER need nor look for the logos in the list of recordings.

However, I have always liked the idea of channel logos on an EPG, and the channel logos as implemented on the 922--nice and big and clear and in HD, looks like I would really like that experience. I think Dish is finally able to use channel logos because, if I'm not mistaken, the 922 uses the Sling Guide.

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