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Nov 18, 2006
I currently use a 722 receiver, and I do not subscribe to local channels. I am interested in acquiring and installing an OTA module (with antenna) for local channels. To that end, I have some questions, some of which not even Dish Technical Support could answer:

1) If the OTA module is installed, and I DO NOT subscribe to local channels, will programming information in the form of program names and times appear in the guide for the OTA channels, as they would with satellite channels?

2) Can I select such a program for recording to the DVR, like I would a program received over satellite?

3) If programming information is NOT available, can I still specify the times that programming should be recorded to the DVR? And, on a repeating basis (for weekly programs, for example)?

4) Does the OTA module work well? Or, am I better off which a Channelmaster?

5) Why is the OTA module available only from 3rd-party vendors, and not from Dish? Is it an actual Dish product?



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Jul 20, 2005
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Look into he new CM Stream+, which replaces the DVR+.

BYW, the dongle IS a Dish product, made by a third party. Why they don’t sell direct is anybody’s guess.


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Sep 8, 2003
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Or, am I better off which a Channelmaster?

Or you really should consider a Tivo OTA Lifetime Roamio...you can get them brand new for under $400, NO other added fees, they come with FOUR tuners, a 1TB HDD & you normally get EPG data for all your local & subchannels. You can also add on Mini's for other rooms for less than $150, NO other fees, either.
You can sometimes find refurbed Roamios w/lifetime for even less. I have (1) Roamio on Comcast cable (6 tuner) & (2) on OTA antenna, ALL lifetime refurbed & have been very pleased with them; IMHO they (still) are the best overall DVR around. (I only paid $300 each for the 2 Roamio's OTA)


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Apr 20, 2014
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The OTA module for the 722 is built in. It’s a single tuner module. The k does not have a built in module, but you can purchase one, dual tuner, MT2 OTA module, straight from Dish. The third party adapter for sell is for the Hoppers and Wally.
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