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Jun 19, 2005
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The other day I noticed my remaining recording time was getting low on my 722, I went in and deleted 5 episodes of fringe which are 1 hour each. Before I done this I had 7 hours and some odd minutes, when I deleted it I only had 10 hours and some odd minutes. So I went in and deleted another 1 hour show and only gained 20 minutes. This is all HD by the way. Is this normal? is there a buffer time the 722 must have before it gets the whole time back?


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Nov 18, 2003
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The relevant number is the number of megabytes. If you have an EHD you can read off the size of the programs and how much is left on the EHD but not the internal disk. Currently, SD (MPEG-2 western arc) programs take 740-900 MB/hr, HD (MPEG-4) take 1800-2400 MB/hr, HD (MPEG-2 for those with old programs) take 3000-4000 MB/hr, and OTA-HD (MPEG-2) take 4000-8300 MB/hr. As usual YMMV. They will be bigger with end-of-program padding considered and do depend on the bit rate.

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