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Dec 5, 2003
When I connected my 722 via ethernet 2 years ago I never disconnected the phone line even though I didn't need it any longer. Just happened to look at my phone logs and noticed that it is calling out at least once sometimes twice a day. It's no big deal and I know I could just unplug the phone line it but I thought it wasn't suppose to do that anymore. Funny thing is I only have the one receiver on my account and I never rent pay-per-views anyway.


SatelliteGuys Family
Feb 11, 2010
Jacksonville, FL
Have 2 722k's. Both call out. Frequently more than once a day, each. Both are connected to broadband router. Broadband speed is 30 meg down 6 meg up. Tested this with Speakeasy.net and GigaNews. Both 722k's say Broadband connected. Can see all the online offerings. Want to keep them connected to phone line for the Caller ID. But it is annoying that they call out so much. Last call was 8:36 am. Work at home. Would rather not pick up the phone and get data in my ear.

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