722 vs 612 - UI and guide


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Jan 18, 2010
I understand the major differences - TV2 output, bigger HD, PIP - but need to know if there are any other minor differences. In particular, are the guide and user interface the exact same? Is the 612 as fast and responsive as the 722? Would a person just watching TV, using the guide, or using the DVR notice any difference between them?

Also, does the 612 have an easy means to swap tuners? On my crappy comcast dvr I often watch two shows at once, switching between them by using the swap button so that I can maintain the buffer and pause/rewind either show if needed. I'm pretty sure the 722 can do this, but it has PIP.

1st question: My 612 UI and guide is just a fast and responsive as my 722k.

2nd question: the 612 cannot "swap" and therefore is slower jumping back and forth. I know what you're talking about because I use the swap function to keep up with two football games and the switch is instant. the 612 cannot compete in this.
Get the 722. I have both the 612 and the 722. The 612 is OK, and you don't have to pay the 2nd TV fee, but if I had to do it all over again I would have spent the extra $50 (at the time) and gotten 2 - 722's. The PIP and swap function are worth it. When the 612 is recording 2 things at once and I'm switching between them I end up looking at a black screen for at 5 seconds.

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