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Sep 30, 2006
I got a family member to switch to Dish but after 4 receivers dishcomm and caller id on phone line do not work. Has anyone else seen this? When scanning dishcomm i get an error telling me that dishcomm cant be scanned and i need to call Dish. the 3rd receiver they sent us worked with Dishcomm but after a few days the unit continually rebooted. I hooked up a wireless jack and i get no caller id information. Any help would be appreciated.
not sure...but a couple things here
caller id must be enabled from the menu. did you do that?
and..did you scan dishcomm before activating or downloading the receiver? or after
are you using a dishcomm modem, or ethernet connection?
Yes Caller Id is turned on in the receiver. I set up Dishcomm after activating the receiver and i am using the built in dishcomm feature with no broadband. Thanks for any help.
i can only offer the very basic troubleshooting steps.
if caller id is enabled in the menu, did you go to diagnostics and test the connection to see if the receiver says it is connected to a phone line?
if it says not (and same thing for the dishcomm modem) did you take a corded phone to that outlet plug it in, and see if there is dialtone?
if yes, then, my guess would be to replace any phone cords, splitters, check for dsl filters if applicable, etc.
other than that i cant help much.
What type of phone system is it attached to?

VOIP phone system may require a prefix before it can dial out, DSL phone system must have a filter, POTS should work as long as the modem is working.
I have it hooked up using AT&T phone service. I can call out to Dish but the caller Id is unavailable or the numbers are jumbled mess like below. The main issue i have is Dishcomm. I would rather use Dishcomm than the wireless phone jack but Dishcomm gives me an error 655 "Cant scan Dishcomm network please call customer service" When i call Dish they have no clue what this error is. Like i said i have had 4 receivers, The first receiver had this problem then the second receiver actually worked with Dishcomm but after a few days it did the continual reboot. Since then they have sent me 2 receivers trying to get the Dishcomm to work and both of them have the error message. Thanks again for any help. I can't be the only one having this Dishcomm issue.

with so many receivers tried and all the wierd problems, i am beginning to suspect it is a phone line/phone company issue.
Were I in this situation, I'd run a temporary wired phoneline to the nearest outlet to the receiver to test. Performance with wireless phone jacks has always been hit & miss, and the fact that both Dishcomm and the wireless phone jacks are having problems tells me that your power lines have problems. Both technologies use the power wiring to send data, and if you have dirty power or lots of local RF interference, neither technology is going to work very well for you.

I'd recommend running a new phone outlet to the room (if Caller ID is required) or even better, running some CAT6 and connecting it to the Internet. Either will save you $5/month, and the Internet connection gets you Dish Online service.

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