722k replaced, how long until online account info updates?


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Jul 22, 2004
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So, I installed a replacement 722k today, and the install was simple and fast; However, when I try to watch tv on my computer, I get error 36, saying my computer was able to connect to my receiver, but, I can't watch programs right now".
Also, when I checked my account online, it showed the correct receiver on my account, but it said that Logitech Itegration was not enabled; I know it is, as I was watching it earlier today..

Does it take 24 hours of something like that, for all your "stuff" to be properly reflected in your online account info, or, do I need to call in and have someone check it on Dish's side?

Reset the broadband connection on your receiver to make sure an IP address shows up. Online at dish.com, go to my account, and make sure you are connecting to the new receiver. It should show right away, but I have seen instances where it takes overnight to update properly.
yeah, I reset everything as far as the network connection to the tv, and I have a valid ip address, but, I still can't watch tv on my computer, and, dish.com, says "broadband is not connected, and logitech revue integrated has no device connected"...

I know those things are NOT true, as I saw my receiver does have an ip address, and, I was using the logitech in an integrated manner earlier this evening...

Should I wait 24 hours, or call tech support before then?

thanks for your help!
Let it sit overnight before calling. Dish.com does a lot of its updates overnight and I'm sure it will be fine tomorrow.

Also, you can send me a PM instead of calling :D
just because your receiver has an IP address does not mean it has registered with the correct DISH server yet to show it online :) usually these things are not instant and may take some patience. plus why in such a hurry? Tebow already won tonight :p no football on this late at night

also why call tech support? the DIRT guys will probably tell you the same thing they will, seeing as how they would be from the same company....
yeah, that is a good point; it probably takes awhile to register with the correct Dish Server.
actually, this morning, I am able to view my programs on my computer just like before..although my account info still doesn't look like its updated, but, hey, everything works as expected, so that is a good thing!

thanks for the help everyone!

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