722k triplexer problem, please help


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Oct 17, 2011
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I just purchased a 722K last week. I am using it with a 1000.2 dish. If i take the single cable coming out of the dish and directly connect it to the receiver on tuner 1 and run check switch I get the needed satellites on the one tuner and can use it with just one tuner, but these things are worthless this way (but some tv is better than no tv).If I hook up the triplexer for both tuners as instructed in the manual that came in the box to tuner one and two, the receiver sees no signal at all like the 1000.2 does not exist. Also when running the check switch with the triplexer it goes to doing 55 tests, where it is only 4 without and going direct from dish to receiverIs there something simple i am missing? been messing with this a week now.
is there a switch cause that doesnt seem right or you have a bad diplexor. I would call and get a service call you have been messing with this for a week one of ud tech could probaly get it figured out pretty fast on site
I think either (1) that triplexer is DOA or (2) you wired it up wrong. Or (3) possibly the central conductor is not long enough and makes no contact, leaving the 1000.2 unpowered?
I agree that something doesn't sound right. Should be one cable to the triplexer, then the triplexer's "sat1/sat2" to the receiver, no need for any switch if you do have one.

To the OP, if you want to PM your phone number or account number I can set up a tech visit for you
I know this sounds crazy and please don't take offense, but be sure and put one to one and two to two on the seperator and receiver It is specific.

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