77 question


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Apr 25, 2006
If one had a 110-119-129 setup with vip receivers (211s),...could one put up another dish and add 77 or does that require some special authorization.
IF you have a 1000.2 sat dish, all you need to do is run a side sat for 77 sat into the IN port of the lnb and run the check switch. You're all set to go. No special authorization needed.
Scenario #2

...with a 1000+ (110-118.75-119-129), dpp 44 switch, 2-211 receivers, would one need anything extra to add 77? Is there an "input" on the 1000+ to add a 5th sat location?

Would there be a receiver conflict in deciding which sat to pull a signal from...?

Thanks in advance.
Some local markets are on 77 in HD. I use a 1000.2 and hookup 77 to the lnb out. I tried an 18 inch dish but it would pixelate due to interference to neighboring satellite so I put up a SuperDish and am as good as gold now. The one thing I do not like is that it collects snow easily.