811 and 4000 and Dish500 - possible?


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Dec 11, 2003
I have a single 811 installed with Dish500. The installer ran two sets of wires into the basement because I told him I was going to add a second receiver later. Eventually I will get a 5xx DVR for the second TV, maybe pick one up on ebay. A friend is upgrading and dumping his old 4000 receiver. Will that work on the second wire until I get a newer DVR?

It depends on the LNB

If the LNB is DishPro, the 4000 wont work unless you have a DishPro adapter

If the LNB is Legacy, then you're OK

Easiest way to see is do a check switch view on the 811 and it should say what switch you have..If it says DP, then its DishPro.
Thanks for the info. I have DP LNB's so it really isn't worth it to buy the Dishpro adapter to use the 4000. May as well put all the money into a DVR.


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