811 and 522 on one TV?


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Nov 22, 2003
I think this is possible but I wanted to check with the experts here.

My parents recently bought a new home and a new Mits HDTV. They have 2 TV's right now, the Mits and a smaller TV in the Kitchen. I'm thinking of getting them in on the 811/522 DHP offer so they can have PVR viewing on both TV's but want to confirm one thing. Can the 811 and 522 both be connected to the Mits? I'm picturing them switching to the 522 input (Comp1) for SD viewing (so they can pause, rewind, etc) and switching to the 822 input (DTV) for HDTV viewing. Should be fine, right? Thanks.
you can connect as many receivers to one tv as you want,

just need a way of switching between them,

if your tv has several inputs then just connect and use the appropriate input for each output of the receiver
If the tv has A/V inputs (the ones with the red & white - for audio; and yellow - for video) then you could connect one receiver up that way while connecting the other receiver up to the tv with the coax cable tuned to channel 3/4 (different channel for the second tv output on the 322/522.
You hook up the 811 to the component (blue, red , green) and the 522 to the composite (yellow). There will also be red and white for each one for the audio.

Shouldn't be a problem, the Mits prolly has 3 to 4 inputs on the back.

I have a 6000u and a 721 hooked to the same TV and the 721 is connected to my TV upstairs as well.

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