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Nov 27, 2003
1. Has anyone found out whether a DVI cable will be included with 811s?

2. Is there a difference in PQ based on the "quality" (or, price) of a DVI cable? Isn't DVI a digital connection and therefore "on or off", unlike analog connections?


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Oct 21, 2003
Good question, I also want to know about a DVI cable and the 811. I suggested to Claude Greiner that maybe the Satellite Guys store should carry DVI cables, and he said he would look into it. I wanted to be ready for my 811, so I bought a DVI-D cable from Pacific Custom Cable:
If Dish does include a DVI cable with the 811, it probably won't be long enough for my setup. So I got a 4 Meter DVI-D Male To DVI-D Male Dual Link Digital Cable for $29. It sure looks like it's well-made cable, I wish I had an 811 to try it out. There is much debate about whether you need a fancy and expensive DVI cable. Pacific Cable says save your money, I'm with them :!: It will be interesting to do an A-B comparison, DVI-D vs. component.


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Oct 11, 2003
acousticbiker said:
Isn't DVI a digital connection and therefore "on or off", unlike analog connections?

Obviously, you're too logical a thinker to be passionate about proper cable selection. Don't you know that cable made from virgin silver, hand-fabricated by a Tibetan monk and consecrated by a High Shaman is an absolute requirment to reveal all the equisite detail and richness inherent in the picture?

['sorry; must have read one too many issues of Absolute Sound or Perfect Vision lately]. ;)


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Oct 13, 2003
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Reports of DVI vs. Component analog for HDTV and DVD video have been reported in AVS, mainly in the high end Projector forums. All reports indicate that there is a visible difference in color purity as well as detail definition with the DVI being superior. But, this does assume your monitor is capable of resolving the quality differences between the two. For many, moderate and low end monitors it won't really matter. It is also true that those with low end monitors can't see the difference between component and S-Video either.

Other issue that is important to consider is the HDCP compatibility. If your DVI monitor is not HDCP ready with the latest chip set released about June last summer it may not be HDCP compatible or have the HDCP bug that makes it incompatible. Therefore all future HDCP content will not play via DVI and you will need component to view anyway.

Most short DVI cables will not have issues. The problems seem to surface when a DVI cable run exceeds 5 meters. For longer runs, one needs to verify that the length of DVI cable is certified for that length with your equipment. eg. Dwin sells their own long run cables certified for up to 50ft. error free.


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Nov 23, 2003
Monroe, CT
one thing I'd love to see tested - how is the 811 at handling non-HD signals over DVI? I've seen some ugliness on some receivers here...


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Dec 2, 2003
Hey Don,my Hitachi 51swx has DVI-D/HDCP input.Will the DVI-D output on my 811 work? Thanks, Pete

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