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Nov 24, 2003
Quick question about Dish 500 wiring. When I built my house I put three rg6 Quad Shield drops on the roof for d*. Looking at dish 500 it uses four drops. Can it use three or am I going to have to figure a way to fish another wire up. I just don't want some basic install and have to put a hole in the side of my house since I took the time for the original cable drop through my roof and into my basement. ; )
If you use Dishpro equipment, three cable runs into the house can allow three lnbs to supply 12 independent receivers. You will need to install DP34 switches, 1 for each group of four receivers.

If you plan on having four satellites, the soon to be released DP44 will allow that. In this case you would need four cable runs into the house.
Do you have 2 Dual LNB's or a Quad on the dish?

If you have a Quad, it would work with only 3 wires (heck, it would work with one wire if you have only one receiver)

If you have 2 Duals, you would need 4 wires at the source and some SW21 switches.

Which LNB do you have, 2 duals or a quad (if the LNB's are separate, then you have duals, if its all one pice, its a quad.
Dish used to have all kinds of schematics on their web site. Now they just have legacy diagrams.
I don't have dish yet but I will probally get the 500 dish. I don't have locals yet so I will use an OTA. (seperate cable runs from the 3 for my dish in another location). I plan on getting the 811 + a DVR not sure what model. (any model I could get with a package deal with the 811 : ).
For those two receivers, you'll need at most 3 wires, probably 2, depending if you're DVR has 2 tuner or if by the time you sign up they have the 1 wire to 2 tuners adapter.

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