DHP Exit Strategy?


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Oct 20, 2003
I'm guessing there are quite a few people in my boat, so I thought I'd see if anyone has any experience converting from a DHP to a non-DHP Dish customer.

I've been Dish500 DHP (a 301 & a 501) customer for just over 2 years, so my contractual obligation is up. I'm planning on buying a 921 outright, but I'm not sure what to tell Dish once I have the new receiver. Any tips or suggestions there? :)
you can tell them that you are just going to to go with the 921 as your only receiver. they will send boxes to you for you to return you existing receivers and once received, you'll be dhp free.

I saw where you live in Dallas I also live in the Dallas area.

I am having the same problem as trying to figure out how to
get off DHP. Like you I have no contractual obligation. I have
sent a email to see what comes of that.

FAT Tony,

What about returning the Dish? I don't want to rip it off the roof.
I mean what would the point be.

It's on my statement. I can also log onto the Dish WEB site and
look at my account. It's say's Digital Home Plan with AT150, 3 RCVRS,
locals, HBO works.
Kevin: Sounds good... let me know what you find out.

ROLL: Generally, if you didn't have to pay for your equipment up front, you're probably DHP. More specifically, it'll say on your statement. For example, mine lists my service as


Edit: Err, yeah. What he said. :D
BTW, this works if you are a Digital Dynamite customer as well. They renamed it, but you are still treated like a DHP customer.

I recently sent back my 4900 and 2700 receivers which I got in 5/2000 and am now a "standard" customer with my 721, 510, and 2 Dishplayers active.

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