811 Clock Loses Time During ATSC Reception


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Nov 25, 2003
I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but I've seen it so many times, I know it's not a fluke. While watching my local ATSC channels, my 811 will lose about a minute per hour. Tonight I started watching WSBT-DT(22-01, 1080i) a little after 7:00 EST/CDT, and by the time I switched over to Comedy Central @ 10:00, the 811's clock read 9:57. The clock resets 2 - 3 seconds after switching back to satellite.

This affects the timers as well as I have a M-F timer set to a music channel that fires off at midnight. If I'm watching Conan or Craig, it doesn't switch until 1-2 minutes after midnight.

After tuning to an ATSC channel at 8:00am and using the 8VSB tuner for 14 hours, the clock was nine minutes slow. Has no one else seen this? If not, I guess I've joined the Bum 811 Club (it was going to be called ClubDISH, but that name was already taken :))

I wanted to get a feel for this issue before calling Dish Technical Support.
Interesting.. before the 811, I had a Samsung OTA HD receiver, and it always synced it's clock to whatever time was being sent by the digital station. There were some stations that were several hours off.

I wonder if the 811 is doing the same thing?

Or.... it reminds me of the Cell Phone I used to have... it received time from the cellular network.. if you had no signal, it would keep time internally, but used a very low quality clock chip, as it expected to be able to update itself from the network. As a result, the longer you were out of signal, the more the clock would drift....

The same thing could be affecting the 811... it's not getting dish time signal while tuned to an OTA station, and it's own clock slowly difts. Then, when tuning back to a satellite signal, it corrects itself.
What I dont understand is why doesn't the 811 keep some sort of connection to Dish when viewing OTA stations. I noticed my time drifting and my guide never updates if I go to bed and leave it on an OTA station.

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