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Sep 8, 2003
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I just received and had my 811 installed this afternoon. Two of the reasons why I purchased the 811 was due to its discounted price ($149) and the closed captioning feature. :D I have 2 hearing impaired teenagers and this makes CC a needed and valuable option.

Does anyone know whether or not CC is being transmitted on the High Definition channels. I have noticed while in HD mode I am only able to receive CC on channels were the program is not being broadcast in HD.

What this means is I do not receive any CC on HDNet, CBSHD (when broadcasting an HD program), ESPNHD (when broadcasting an HD program), and Discover HD.
CC is being transmitted on CBSHD. I have a Samsung 151 OTA receiver and get closed captions on CBSHD quite often, both CSI shows for example are CC. Do you have HBOHD? I read that they use CC for their shows.

Nicu said:
So, anyone knows if the 811 supports CC in HD?

I would imagine that it depends on the station transmitting the signal. I don't think it has anything to do with the receiver, in this case, the 811.

I know there is supposed to be an new, enhanced CC for DTVs/HDTVs whereby the user can change the size, color, background and style of the fonts.
Ransack said:
I would imagine that it depends on the station transmitting the signal. I don't think it has anything to do with the receiver, in this case, the 811.

Sorry to belabor this subject, but I have tuned in to all the High Definition channels and watched them for several hours ever since I had my receiver installed on Saturday. I still have not received any closed captioning on any of the HD channels, just on the SD. So does this mean that DiscoveryHD, HDNET, and ESPNHD are not sending closed captioning in High Definition? For some reason all closed captioning on my 811 receiver seems to stop once a High Definition program is being broadcast. SD is just fine. :?
Did you watch CSI Miami in HD? That's in CC. Also, Thursday's CSI Las Vegas. Some people have mentioned that CC works in HD on the 811 - see the 811 bugs thread.

Here are 2 interestings posts:

1. "The 811 renders the 708 captioning on screen (has a menu option to set it up) It also passes along 608 captioning(VBI data) on the SD outputs.

What is 708 captioning??
Does the captioning show when in the HD mode??

708 is the newer standard for captioning for digital tv. It allows for changing font, color, size etc.
The captioning does show in HD mode." - from dbstalk.com

2. "Closed Caption works on DVI and Component outputs, but not on composite or S-Video. This may be because TV's can decode the SD CC and E* never saw the need for SD CC from their receivers" - from this forum
All right, got my 811 installed today. I watched CBSHD in HD and no CC although my Samsung 151 displays CC for the same HD show. I played around with the CC settings on my 811 and still no CC. Apparently the 811 CC isn't working in HD or isn't compatible with the CBSHD CC system.

CC works OK on s-video.

Believe it or not, CC works on HBOHD when the CC is set to OFF in the CC menu. When set to ON the CC doesn't work!

More on CC: my 811 does not support CC for the OTA HD channels ( my Samsung 151, an OTA HDTV receiver, does). The 811 supports CC for HBOHD, HDNet, HDESPN etc as long as CC is set to OFF in the CC menu. Setting CC to ON turns off CC. Anyone who can get CC to work for the OTA HD channels?

811 Cc

Thanks to this forum, I found out my 811 has 708 captioning ability !!! No mention of it in my Owner's Manual.

Their menu is at 6-9-1, it is confusing as hell because of the way it toggles. You have to leave it saying TURN CAPTION OFF if you want it ON. I am sure this makes perfect sense to whoever wrote the code but it is confusing as hell for actual people.

ESPN has a basketball game in HD with captions right now. I have seen it work on 1 local channel but for the most part, the digital caption is absent here in Rochester, the old "608" captioning is there in the 811's NTSC output of the local digital signal. This Forum is terrific, thanks to Satelliteguys !!!!!!!

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