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Sep 7, 2004
Hello everyone!!!

Ok i have a customer (im not a dish network installer, we normally do directv even tho i prefer dish myself) who has one dp301 box and wants to add two more 301 boxes (maybe a 921 and a 301). so i need to know what to add to their system to make it work

lets say they want to have TOTAL of two 301s and a 921

I have not seen there house but they told me the check switch screen tells them: DP21 LNB Twin-1 Twin-1(2)

sat feeds on 110, 119, and 148 (locals i think)

So i think they have a dish 500 with a twin lnb with one output into the dp21 and a dish 300 with its output into the other side of the dp21 and that feed to their existing 301 box.

So i have a dpp34 they i dont need, can i make this dpp34 work to give them 4 outputs with the existing dp21 or ???

Thanks Jon
Replace the dp21 with the dp34 also add run an additional line from the twin to the dp34. (hook the twin line to ports 1 & 2 on the dp34 and 148 to port 3)
that sounds easy

so thats it? the dpp34 will take the output from the twin and make it ready to go...
ok i was thinking it would be harder than that.

Are the dpp34's weatherproof? and how much it the dpp34 sell for? I got it cheap but want to know how much to sell it for, aka what is retail?

Thanks a million... Jon

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