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Jan 26, 2004
My 811 (replacement) is working well, but the digital OTA has its own little problems. We have 3 carriers out there. 2 of these each have a subchannel, the third has three. Running a scan of the digital OTA finds them all, and remaps them to the proper designations with correct channel names. In the case of the 2 carriers with 1 sub, the mapping remains correct, however in the case of the third a couple of channel changes seem to allow it to revert to showing only the channel 39 main carrier and one of the subs -- and they are back to 39 from the remap to channel 6. Trying to do this via an "add digital" process seems to bring the same result.

Even if you save the proper remap into a favorites list, it will get you as the loss of remap causes the channel to disappear from the favorite list. If I use the channel 39 "unremapped" designation, the information stays there - I think, as I may well have seen some other cases a loss of channels in favorite lists. :(

Is this a common problem - aside from the remap to channel 1 that has been discussed here before?.

I have a problem with one of my channels, and I think it is the stations fault. Fox 18 has channel 15 for the digital feed in my area. Most of the time they have it mapped to 18-1, but every now and then they seem to not to be sending it out propperly and it will remap to channel 15. Then later it will go back to 18-1. The only pattern I have seem to found is that they do not send the PISP to 18-1 when they are running infomercials.

I do not have to add/delete the channel, it changes back and forth on its own. I tune to 18-1 (type in 01801) and it takes a few seconds to tune and then it displays 15. Then of course 18-1 is gone and 15 is now in the channel lineup. I can no longer tune to 18-1, and I have to tune to 15. Later when I tune to 15 it suddenly figures out that it is 18-1 again and removes 15 from the channel lineup and puts back in 18-1.

I really think it is the stations fault, they have had a lot of trouble keeping the digital feed on the air the last few months, I talked to engineering at the station and they said they have had to replace a lot of parts lately. The were off almost 3 weeks when they had to get a part from Germany.

BTW I have a 6000 and the exact same thing is happening to it.
Craig Henrikson said:
Is this a common problem - aside from the remap to channel 1 that has been discussed here before?.Craig
Yes, this is a common 811 problem. I added the "real" (not mapped) channel numbers into my favorites list about a month ago and the channels have been there ever since. It's not a perfect solution, but at least the channels are there when you need them (even though the channel number is wrong). Hopefully, Dish will fix this one soon.
I have the same issue on my 811 with 2 digital channels here in the SF Bay Area; KRON and KQED. However, KQED was fine when I first receive my 811; last week KQED started to map improperly.
I am using diplexors and noticed when I change transponders it effects signal strength.

Also whats up with no program info? DTV puts the info in the guide off sat 101.

Also, Why do you click on the channel then it brings you dto a diff guide to click again?
Same here. CBS, Ch.2 in NY, was fine for a couple of weeks after hooking up the 811. Suddenly, last month, it stopped mapping right. Never was a problem with the 6000.
The 811 has issues with mapping local OTA.. It was sort of Ok with the first release of code, but the later updates made it worse.. Hopefully when the next version of code comes out, not only will this be fixed, but the dark video annoyance (as well as a few others) will be fixed. Anyone heard anything about when that new 811 code is showing up?
One thought. Two of our digital stations are broadcasting just 2 carriers, and they remap just fine. The "problem" station is broadcasting 3 programs and when it is remapped properly all three show up, but when it reverts to the original unmapped carrier only 2 of the stations are there. Is the problem somehow in the multiple programs? (ie. more than 2?) :confused:

A new "Glitch" -- Changing the program guide from full to partial with picture changes channel mapping. My broadcast channel 34 (PBS) remaps properly to 17-1 and 17-3 in the full guide, but remaps to a single 80-1 if I am using the guide with picture! SIGH!!


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