Pay per view recording w/921


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The HD PPV is only 2 programs per day. The only good one lately was Sinbad.
It will record all an any PPV that is ordered. I stick to 506 & 512 DD5.1, LB versions. The 921's Zoom aspect fills the PPV SD in LB well on a 16*9 screen.
dfergie said:
I was surfing the guide on my 6000 when it struck me. Will the 921 record pay per view with no problems? Would be nice if the big boxing matches were in HD and offered, would get more bang for your buck( or 50):)
It is suppose to be able to record PPV's but not able to dump them via the dishwire to a DVHS.
"It is suppose to be able to record PPV's but not able to dump them via the dishwire to a DVHS"

Actually, if it's 5C record none, then all you'd get is a temp recording for DVR functions like pause and replay, but long term storage on the hard drive would not be permitted. I was told that the buffer will record but you would not be allowed to store the 5C copy none, indefinitly. This is spelled out in detail in the 5C license agreement. It doesn't reference PPV as I recall but 5C copy none in the section on special provisions for DVR's. In another section of the license agreement it references what programming is suggested to be 5C copy none and those were PPV and VOD. That doesn't mean they will be flagged if and when 5C is ever implemented.
THanks Don,
Good answer. My problem is that I am going to run our of HD space savings these flicks I want to dump to tape waiting for E* to activate the dishwire!
Same problem for me. I used to just record as many shows as I wanted, but with my habits shifting to more HD fare, I have to be careful not to max out the 250GB drive (???!!!???). Gotta cut back on the HDNet travelogue programs I guess.........

Programming note...... Don't miss two good shows on HD. CES 2004 Roundtable is on HDNEt (See Charlie, Mark Cuban, Eddy, and a bunch of Cable guys debate future HD content.) Charlie actually mentioned E* and D* possibly sharing spectrum to help provide more channels than is currently possible.

Also, DiscoveryHD has a show called ThrillMakers which focuses on Walt Disney World. They show a LOT of the Tower of Terror, Test Track, Aerosmith Coaster, Splash Mountain, and most importantly, the new Space ride at Epcot. Wow.
Thats the big thing with me, I keep my 501 full all the time, my dvd-ram discs full, and the only reason my replay is not is because of dvarchive(can archive to pc via ethernet) but my hds are filling on my pc's. A 911 would only add to the dilema.

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