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Dec 22, 2003
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I have noticed since day one of my install of my JVC 811 that when I am watching my local channels in HD OTA when they switch from HD to SD (Commercials) and back to HD I get a loud popping noise from my speakers and the video flickers temporally.

When I call Dish and even mention the word "Locals" they say call you local broadcaster.

I emailed them and they too say we have never heard of the problem, however they are looking into it.

It does this popping sound 90% of the time and I fear it is going to ruin my speakers.

My signal strength is about 90-95%.

Anybody else notice this on their 811?

My software is 263-LADD and it is a JVC direct from JVC, not through Dish Network.
Mine makes some ugly noises when I get interference on OTA. The picture gets pixely and produces a loud pop. Could be the same thing when they are switching between HD and SD.
Do you have the 811 also?

Is this a known problem?

I will post a link to this thread in the 811 issues thread and see what others think.
Yes, I get this too, once in a while, it seems to be a signal interuption issue. It can be very loud for sure.

I have only had it happen on a OTA station. I had two other Dish 811's, they both did this a times, so it's a common thing.
I believe this is a local broadcaster issue. I get a slight (not loud at all) pop with my 6000 whenever a local station switches from the national HD feed to their local feed (for commercials and such). I know others here in KC experience this also, with all kinds of OTA receivers, so I'm pretty sure it's not an E* issue.


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