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Sep 8, 2003
I sent this message to ceo@echostar.com, before you condemn me for trying to get an early install I would have been fine with them being unable to comply, its the part where they were going to cancel the night before that gets me. Your comments are appreciated, not to bash Dish Network but to provide feedback on the situation.

To who it may concern:

3 weeks ago I ordered an 811 receiver. Was informed that installation would be on 12/12 from 12-5pm. I happened to have to stay home today on 12/08 because of my daughter being ill. I thought I would try to re-schedule the appointment for today. The CSR I spoke with, gave me the number to people that that subcontracts out the installations for my area. I explained my situation, she told me that it would not be possible to comply with my request. I was then informed that they did not have any in stock and weren't expecting any more until the following Monday. I asked what would happen to my scheduled appointment, they informed me they were going to call me on Thursday 12/11 to reschedule. NICE!!

I then call the Executive Offices and spoke to a gentleman name Todd. I conferenced him with the dispatch center, who confirmed that they had no 811's in stock but might have one available on 12/12. If they didn't they would call me on 12/11 to reschedule. Once again, no firm commitment.

I spoke to several dealers in my area and they all have them in stock. However due to Dish Network's policies I would have to pay full retail price as my original dealer is in New York and I have moved to Missouri.

So my questions are:

1. Why charge my credit card on something your unable to deliver on as promised. At the very least wait until the unit ships?

2. Why not allow customers to install the receiver themselves without having to rely on a company that you have subcontracted to do installs and probably less familiar with Dish than I am myself?

3. Why not allow local retailers to upgrade the the receivers, no matter who you've purchase your system from?

As a long time subscriber, I truly hope that Dish Networks problems are associated to the fact that sub-contractors are below par here in Missouri, as I have never had so many problems in the 4 years prior service in New York.


Darker picture after 811 install

New Bug! Not sure if it's the 721 though.

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