New Bug! Not sure if it's the 721 though.

Patrick G.

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Oct 14, 2003
I have the 721.

I just switched my locals to Springfield, MO, which Dish recently added. Their channels start at 7220. However, I am unable to directly enter the 7000 channel numbers. After 3 digits it automatically changes the channel. What can I do?
did you just switch? are the locals listed in the guide?

If not in guide yet, it takes some time for the new data to load into your receiver , you can wait or try a reboot.

Since your guide is on the hard drive, it will have to update itself before it has the changes.

also after awhile not sure how long
but the locals will be available as the actual local number in your case, 3 , 10, 33 ect and you won't need the 7000 numbers
I had the same problem at first,but now it seems alright.I never use four digit numbers since the receivers channel map to the regular local numbers.It's so nice to be able to just push 3 or 10,27, 33,31,17,or 21 and it just goes there.The problem I'm having though is breakup with them about once every minute, and its just my locals thats doing this.I believe they have them so compressed they are barely on. Mike

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