Superdish Install Snowed Out


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Oct 3, 2003
I was supposed to have my Superdish installed on Saturday, December 6th. The SD is required to receive my Baltimore locals. When I woke up that morning and saw the snow was still falling on the 10 inches of snow already on the ground, I suspected they would cancel. (didn't seen quite safe to be on the roof that day). When Dish did call later that morning to cancel I said "I kinda figured you would"... however, what floored me is that she told me the next available installation date is MID FEBRUARY!!?? I ordered the dish the first day it was available in early November, and it looks like it'll be more than 4 months before it's eventually installed. I'm frustrated because the CSR I spoke with last week when I tried to order my 811, told me I had to wait until the SuperDish work order cleared before I could arrange to have the 811 installed. I was planning to order the 811 Saturday afternoon... Now I have to wait until February. I qualified for the $149 offer too.. I wonder if that'll still be available then.... This sucks...
Are they really that busy that they need to push out your install for 2 months??

Everyone is right..e-mail corporate
Well I've sent my letter of frustration to the email account... Let's see what they have to say...

- Paul

New Bug! Not sure if it's the 721 though.

What signal strength is good enough - OTA HD channels?

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