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Dec 17, 2003
I'm in the Seattle area. I ordered my 811 on 12/8 and was scheduled for installation on 12/12...got a call on the 11th saying that the installer had the flu and rescheduled me for 12/17...got a call on the 16th saying that all of the 811s they recieved were defective and that they wouldn't get a new shipment until the end of December. I called back to clarify this and was told a different story...that they simply don't have enough 811s to meet the demand. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE EQUIPMENT THEN DON'T SCHEDULE AN INSTALL! It is clear to me that I have been lied to about this and from reading other posts on this fabulous site, I can see that I'm not the only one. It seems absolutely bad business to make committments that cannot be kept, especially when people need to take days off and are otherwise inconvenienced to be home for the 5 hour installation window. I can't believe it, but it seems to be company policy to take orders and promise installation dates, and then lie to customers about the reasons for cancelling. As dish network customers, we deserve to be treated with more respect than this. The message needs to be sent to dish network that this is inappropriate and that we will not stand for this kind of treatment. (I'll be sending a letter directly to Charlie and whomever else I can contact ...I would encourage others to do the same.)

So I've been rescheduled for installation on 12/30...if they cancel this installation at the last minute again, I'm going to rip out my dish and give VOOM or Direct TV a call, their customer service couldn't be any worse.

I hope the rest of you have better luck than I've had.
Many have not had better luck. It is difficult. First time, I got no call at all, which I should of suspected that the install wasn't even scheduled. Second time, they confirmed the day before, which I assumed meant I was good to go (it wasn't, they called and cancelled). Today I called right at the beginning of the install period (12-5), and told them they had an 811 and would be there. If they cancel on this, that is too much.
Agree, those of us in the New Orleans area are going thru the same thing.. I'm tentatively scheduled for this Sunday, and one current dish owner on our local HD discussion board said that 811s reached Dallas yesterday so perhaps this will stay on.

I try to step back and look at it rationally. 1/1/03 I plunked down $2600+ for a 57" RPTV, waiting for HD service (using Cox digital cable since 01) - so I can wait another week or two.

Besides, if its cancelled again, time to hit up BB or CC for a 30 day evaluation of a cheap OTA to get the football playoffs until Dish gets around to installing it. Did that last year with Sears but thats their rule, not mine :p

Anywho.. heres my choices.. Cox HD? $600 + 8.75% sales tax + outrageous fees. D*? $400 or $600 depending on box, reasonable fees.. or.. E* with $0.00 out of pocket, $0.00 install, and $10 back on the activation and $150 of free TV that will make my first three months of bills under $20 :p

Of course, I only committed to a year - by then who knows what we'll have out there. Just my 2 yen :p
Good points Rich.
But a lot of us are not so much concerned about price as we are service. I am/was willing to pay more for this thing if it is available. Maybe Dish will offer a special deal on the 921 too. But the way we are treated as customers, I'm not going for it. I'll find it at retail somewhere/anywhere.

Retail price - $399
DHP deal - $199
Qualified Customer deal - 149
Treating a customer with dignity, honesty and respect..... :arrow: Priceless

Aint it ironic how Dish expects customers to pay if we cost them money (as in cancelling service before one year if there is a contract) but when they cost the subscriber money they dont expect to pay for it, such as losing work because they did not show up to do the install. It seems to be a one way street here when it should go both ways.
I've gotten a grand total of $68 from dish for my inconveniences. $55 in credit, and 1 month free HBO. All I was really after was advance notification if they could not keep an appointment (by advance, I mean if the appoint is at 12, I would know by 12 if they were making it or not). I am glad they do give some credit, it does assuage some of my anger.

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