Would you pay more for more HD content?


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Oct 11, 2003
How many of you would pay more for HD content. Maybe Dish should tier their HD offerings. Could go something like this:

HD Six Pack: discovered, HDnet, ESPNHD, HDNetMovies, HDPPV, HDSpecialEvent $9.99

HD Twelve Pack: Those above and include, USA 480p, SciFi 480p, Bravo HD, INHD 1, INHD2, NBAHD $19.99

HD FULL CASE: Those above and include HBOHD, SHOWTIME HD, STARZHD and any other HD offerings. Maybe we could include the SuperStations HD with this level when they become available. $29.99

Hey, now most of you can see the advantage to this type of tiered HD offerings. So, just how many of you would jump at this if you had the chance. Scott, if there are a lot of post to this maybe you could forward to E* for effect! :)
I would like more HD content.
I feel that there should be more channels included in the first pack. I don't thing DISH would include HDPPV ($5.99) each in this package.

I think your 12 pack should be the $9.99 package and Tier up from there.
They need to add a lot more HD to the existing package for $9.99 before they raise prices. The current package is not worth $9.99.
I would drop SD for HD in a heart beat. I need AT50 for Scifi. If they had Scifi in ED or HD I would drop my SD saving 24.99 per month that I can spend on HD.

I had D* for a while and I did not like the fact that they force you to buy SD (total choice) $33.99 to get HD $10.99.

85% of my veiwing is DVD and HD.

To answer you question YES I would pay for more HD.
Need better HD programming before I pay.

I have been on the fence about whether or not to purchase the HD pack. $10/mth for ESPN---which I don't watch, HDNet, ND NEt Movies (older run movies) & discovery which repeats frequently is not enough for me to fork out the cash...and more importantly commit to being a Dish customer for 1 more yr. (I need 8psk). Truly, I am waiting for Dish to add quality programming Starz, Cinemax, TMC, Bravo..before I commit. I have a feeling that I will become a Voomer if they drop their equipment prices and up their receiver offerings.
I already get HD OTA and right now $10 is probably the most I'd pay for any additional access to HD material. Personally, I feel if I get a channel in my regular package and it's also offered in HD, I should just get the HD version at no additional cost like they're doing with HBO and SHO.

Sure, charge more for channels like HDNet/Movies, InHD, etc.. those are completely new channels. But don't charge me twice for the same thing. The $10 charge should just be considered an HD access charge or something and leave it at that.

So, to answer your question, I'd only pay more for original programming not just an HD rehash of what I'm already paying for in SD.
I agree with jerryez, They need to add more to the $9.99 package before they even think of raising prices.

A lot of content on those channels is still SD which make them worth less IMO. As prices come down Dish should be able to add more channels to the list.
I agree with SlicerMDM. I'll pay extra for HD only channels but ESPN HD, etc. should be part of AT50, etc.
If DISH were to charge more for the additional channels, I would have to say I would go to cable. The local cable company has all of the current DISH channels plus INHD, INHD2 and BravoHD+ for only $7.95 per month. They also now have Starz!HD, TMC HD and CinemaxHD. Their premium channels are also only 10.99 each. I would really hate to switch to cable, but... I already pay well over $100 per month and cable here would already save me $15 per month for the same channels.
While we must demand more HD why give them any ideas about gouging us even more? The fact is, we're grossly overpaying for the current crop of HD channels. When they start breaking out premium HD and creating packages that make sense and add value then I would consider paying more but only because I would then drop the SD. Net result, paying no more than I do now for the same amount of programming, only in HD/ED. After all, everything is heading in that direction. If we show any indication that we'd pay more for garbage then in a couple of years we'd be paying double what we do now for the same amount of programming, only in HD/ED. That's just stupid. Don't make it easy for them!!
So, lets modify my orignal post to read as follows:

Take the first and the second suggestion and put the value at say $12.99 and take the third and place $24.99 on this package. Now does that make better sense.

Here is my point, for every 100,000 customers Dish has maybe 2000 customers currently have the ablility to view High Definition. Now lets project that over 9 million customers. That currently gives Dish about 180,000 HD customers to 8.8 million SD customers.

The numbers are not there for a mass HD Market. While cable can give you 10 to 12 mghz HD that will not work for E* customers. We want the full spectrum for the best viewing possible. That will take a lot of bandwith.

I believe that just like the outrageous prices that we were paying for HD ready sets 3 years ago without HD content we will have to pay an outrageous price for HD content now if we want every new HD product out there. until there is considerably more HD content and more HD customers then the incentive is not there to push your resources and provide at a lower price.

I am just playing the devil's advocate and seeing if there is a way that the customer would be more interested in purchasing HD. If the bulk of E*'s HD customer base is not purchasing the current HD package than where is the incentive for Charlie to get off of his glutious maximus and provide us with more HD content?

Guys, this is a business and there must be a payoff or else the investment comes excrueattingly slow. Just look at NBC and their HD progress. They are way behind CBS and ABC. I guess if you are the front runner you don't have to waste resources until you absolutely have too. That will not be for another 2 years..food for thougt!
I would pay a lot if there were a Super Stations in a package. It would be like the dream of having some Locals up on a national HD feed.

Would the Shiva laws allow this? I would guess yes since the channels are already up there.
This would not go over well. Customers expect to have the HD channels included in their SD package. For example, lets say that you order a package that has that channel available in SD. The customer would expect to have the same channel in HD available to them if it was available without putting it in a seperate package.

The cable company around here has the channels included and will swap the regular box out with the HD one at no additional charge, but will just charge you $3 extra per month for those channels in HD (HBO and Showtime I believe). They charge extra for the Discovery channel but its only $4.

Dish wanted to charge $8 for the Discovery channel but dont know about the HBO or Showtime HD channels if they include them if you order the HBO or Showtime package or if you have to pay extra to get it.
Bandwidth consumed is a good way of looking at it. Perhaps some that have HD tv's wanting smaller packages this is finally the way to get that, more options. Over time they will add more channels to this package without increasing the price. This is what I heard that this was mentioned on a Charlie Chat a while back.
If we're going to price HD under these terms why not put
the piggy in the next dish commercial,except put the Dish
logo in place of the pig's head.We already pay 9.99 for
4 channels or 5 for partial HD ESPN.They should expand
on this before charging more plus we pay for movie channel
packages, if HBO,Showtime,Starz, and Cinemax have HD it
should be included in these packages not a seperate issue.
The HD special events channel is a joke,the special event
is if they even have an event.Under these terms it would
be America's top5 or ten or 15 not 50,100,or 150. :!:
dfergie said:
Only if I could get rid of the sd counterparts and not pay for them. Hd nets would be cool along with Hd scifi, usa, and the premiums.
It would be awkward setting a price for HBO-HD Only or Showtime-HD Only since they are included free with the SD nets (no discount for SD only subscribers to the movie packages). Perhaps a $15 per month HD Only movie package that would include only the HD feeds of the four major movie networks (adding StarzHD and CinemaxHD).

I doubt if we will be seeing the other networks in HD any time soon.

Or you could go to the other extreme and go Pay per Channel.

When you sign up, pick the channels that you want and pay $x.$$ per channel, per month.

I'm not saying that is what SHOULD be done, I am just throwing out another option. If you break it down to $.41 cents per channel per month(AEP) then you could do the same for lesser packages or even for HD but at a little bit highter rate.
Discovery Channel is quite expensive IMO. Why should that be so much more that HDnet?

I think about 12 channels for $9.99 sounds about right. Sounds right, but I doubt we'll ever see it.

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