Leaving E* today ... prorate fees?


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Sep 7, 2003
I'm calling E* to cancel after D* is setup today. I've read posts where E* wouldn't prorate charges for partial months when cancelling. I haven't paid my bill yet this month so, I have to option of sending whatever I want.

I'm assuming they're gonna object to prorating the fee and not give me a prorated amount to send for my final bill. Do I just calc the prorated amount myself and send that?
They usually only charge you for the time that you had service, prorating it as a partial month. If you paid in advance you can have a hard time getting the unused balance back.
Strange.. I called to cancel. Went through the standard customer retention BS. At the end, I ask about prorating my current bill (which I haven't, or thought I hadn't paid yet) and they said, 'ok, looks like you'll have a $xx credit, so we'll just send you a check for that.' No hassle at all.
So if you havent paid this months invoice, wait and they will send you a bill with the prorated amount on it...its that simple
I forgot about the month in advance they charge you for. You would not have to pay anything unless you was late paying your bill then you would owe for the time past the due date instead of the full amount stated on the bill if it was less than one month past the due date.

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