811 iWeather on 9500


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Sep 8, 2003
Marietta, GA
Just found this last night on my 811, channel 9500 is an opentv weather application, don't remember seeing it on the board. Pretty cool local weather app.
Why can't they do something usefull with the weather like have it DL radar data? Or since it's accueweather have Joe Bastardi do a video update .
Accuweather-HD with Bastardi and hire Kristina Abernathy from TWC! Severe weather livestreams in HD! I'll get right on producing that, as soon as I can find my wallet with the extra $200M in it :)

Seriously, I hope oneday we'll have a 24/7 weather event station in HD.
from Multichannel News:


Eyes Two Digital Networks, Including Weather

NEW YORK -- NBC Cable is aiming to launch two digital networks with one of them likely to be a weather channel with strong local elements, and possibly even traffic reports officials said last week.

This came out last week and I thought it was an interesting hint of what may become of OTA digital broadcasting. The only way a service like this will ever take off is if the FCC enforces digital must-carry on cable companies. The plan is for NBC affiliates to create a dedicated digital sub-channel just for weather. I think WRAL was the first to do this. It isn't in HDTV but it is pretty cool! 8)
I wish Dish Network would have those radar maps. That would be a very nice feature appreciated by many existing and potential customers.
With most people being served by their locals now on dish it might not be quite as big a deal, but I agree. Having local weather available is important and since Cable does it, DBS should find a way. I don't count the current weather on 9500 or 100 as a true weather station.