811 Offer no longer available


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Dec 15, 2003
Just got off the phone with E* and they said "The 811 promo for current customers has been suspended due to the lack of availability of the 811." :mad:

They put me on a call list if the promo returns, which they think could be within the next 60 days. Only other way to get one is pay the full price or buy the HD TV set promo.

Really sucks!

By the way, it's 2:45PM EST, 01/23/04 when I called.
I got 811 deal ordered today.

I called today and ordered a 811 today for $149 (12 Noon CST). The said it was a preorder due to lack of inventory--but the deal was still good.

I was really hesitant about replacing my 4900 receiver (which has a really good SD pic) with the buggy 811...but they assured me of a 30 day return policy.

I am one of those that was/is really fed up with Dish...but I looked at the investment of $149 that could be resold for $100-$200 more.

Due to the movement of HBO-HD & SHO-HD I was also forced to invest in the 8psk module--so I ordered the HD pack for a year. That was an internal struggle for me because I really didn't think that the programming was worth it. But I decided that I needed the module for the programming I was currently receiving and I could resell my 6000 in the future for a good price.
Moving to D8

I am glad I cancel my 811 order. I have a standalong tivo and love it. I have a year subscription to E*which is up in April. At that time I am going over to D* with their HD tivo. Been a E* subcriber for 3+ years
They did not even tell me anything about a preorder list but told me to call 1-800-WOW-HDTV to find out about it.
While at my house (installing my 811) the installes told me they has a crap-load of HD sets in their warehouse. Apparently they only installed 3 out of their location (Valencia).

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