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Dec 16, 2003
I had the 811 receiver installed last Saturday and I have been having some issues with it.

1. If I tune in a local DTV/HDTV broadcast and have to swing my roof antenna to get the signal up to a better level, as the antenna starts to move-I loose everything and I mean everything. No satellite, no analog TV (the antenna for all local broadcasts goes through the 811), no menu, no guide and I cannot use the remote to switch it off. I have to do a reboot to get everything back. This only happens when turning the antenna for a DTV signal. Tuning in an analog station does not cause the problem. Also the DTV channels saved to the guide get all messed up. I now have CBS-HD showing up when I enter the number for NBC-HD. Uhhhg! It is frustrating to say the least.

2. The picture quality for my VCR which also feeds into the 811 sucks. There is no other word for it. It is very grainy with pixilation and artifacts. Using the VCR through the low tech coax cable on my TV channel 3 gives me a way better picture! I don't think it should be this way.

3. Analog channels through the 811, well forget it! I watched a little bit of football (before I realized it was being broadcast in HD) and it was live but it looked like it was on film. Things were blurry, pixilated, ghosty with artifacts all over the screen. It was horrible! A couple of giant steps back. I finally hooked a splitter to my roof antenna cable so I could feed a coax back to the TV to get an acceptable analog picture. If everything was being broadcast in digital this would not be an issue, but it seems that we are far from that happening in the near future.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated. I am going to call tech support tomorrow and get their feed back but I am not expecting much. The tech that installed this thing called tech support because this was his first install and he had some problems (the answers, by the way, were in the manual which obviously he hadn't taken the time to read). Tech support told him he was now an expert because they have not even laid eyes on one except in pictures. Go figure! :?
1. Had the same problem. I didnt' have quite as much trouble in this area on the 6000 I don't think. They need to consider rotors...

In general they just need to cut the code out that:

1. Handles the dropping of DTV channels if PSIP stream becomes corrupted/drops. Just leave it up to the user to manually drop a DTV channel. Don't do it automatically!

2. Checks to ensure that a satellite link is there periodically to make sure the user is a Dish customer and not standalone. This is as pointless as the copy protection on software years ago. It severely encumbers the usage by legitimate users. There are ways to handle this through business channels: e.g. make the MSRP price higher to better match with Dish costs and then provide an existing customer discount if the customer activates the receiver right away. Create an early deactivation penalty if necessary.

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